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Air Force Chiefs (CMSgt)

AFA Air Force Magazine

Scott Field Heritage Air Park

VA Surviving Spouse Website

SpaceA Travel Message Board

Veterans of foreign Wars

Vietnam Veterans of America

American Veterans Alliance

Veterans News and Information



Military History & Veterans Affairs

Pearl Harbor Survivors Project

AFA Air Force Almanac Archives

Veterans' Forum

WWII Veterans Website

House Committee on Vets Affairs

Photos of the Great War

Day to Day Diary of WWII

Veterans History Project

WWII Aerial Recon Photos

Passing of Generation (WWII Vets)


History of Flight

U. S. Air Force Museum

Air and Space Museum

Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum

The Lost Squadron Museum

Amelia Earhart Museum

Strategic Air and Space Museum

Dayton, Ohio Aviation Trail

International Space Station




Support Groups & Private Organizations

Society of Military Widows

United Spouses

Air Force Associations

Army Associations

Navy Associations

Marine Corps Associations

Coast Guard Association

Veterans and Retiree Associations

USFSPA Litigation Support Group


American Military Retiree Association

AFSA Bud Andrews Gateway Chapter 872


Health and Wellness


Family Doctor

Women's Health

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine


Heart Point

ObGyn On-line

Physician Search by Medical Insurance

Senior Care Resource Guide

State Health Insurance Assistance Programs

Senior's Guide to Drug abd Alcohol Recovery

Senior Health

Veterans Health Care Issues

Shape Up America

Back and Neck Pain

Retiree At Cost Hearing Aid Program

Tricare Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)

Military Health System


Federal Government

Your first click to the U. S. Government

Centers for Disease Control

Department of State 

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Central Intelligence Agency
Better Business Bureau

Department of Homeland Security

Military Health System

U.S. Public Health Service Corp

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

NOAA Learn about other government benefits


States & Local Government 

State of Illinois

State of Missouri

State of Indiana

State of Kentucky

State of Tennessee

Other States & Territories

Tribal Governments


Fifty Something +

FirstGov for Seniors

Senior Journal

Go 60 News


The Good Life Begins Here

Grandparent World.Com

The Senior Corner

Families, Seniors & Children

Administration on Aging

Senior Citizens Homepage

States Agencies on Aging

Senior Discounts

Today's Seniors

Retirement with a Purpose


American Retiree Online Magazine

Social Security and Disability Resource Center



Money Matters

Our Family Place

Your Household Budget


Free Homeowners Insurance Comparisions


Debt Deduction Planner

American Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

Better Budgeting

Retirement Planner

Save Wealth



Order FREE Credit Report


Shop & Save

Defense Commissary Agency

Army Air Force Exchange Services

Navy Exchange

Military Partners

Military Shoppers

Family Media

Military Lifestyle

Saving Coupons

Coupons and Discounts

Military Discounts


Home & Garden

Ladies' Home Journal

Good Housekeeping


Asian Recipes

Yard & Garden

Housework Hints

   Pet Information

All Around Your House

How to Do (just About) Everything


United States Presidents


Museum of Natural History

Louvre Museum

Missouri Historical Society

Sign Language

Language Translator

The Lincoln Log

Flags of the World

American Memory





Dear Abby

Daily Crossword Puzzle

Time Zone Converter

Currency Converter


Small Kitchen Gourmet



From the Other Side

Autumn's Wall


Jolt of Joe

A Clean Sweep

It's the Berries

Rock 'n' Roll

Bring it on Home

Too Much Compute





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