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Updated: 29 Oct 2010


Aero Club (Scott AFB) 618-256-2170
Agent Orange/Gulf War VA Help-line 800-749-8387
Air Force Afterburner 210-565-2126/DSN 665-2126
Air Force Civilian Jobs (worldwide) 800-616-3774
Air Force Enlisted Village 800-258-1413
Air Force Lodging Reservation (Worldwide) 888-235-6343
Air Force Retiree Services Branch 210-565-4663/DSN 665-4463
Air Force Village 800-762-1122
Air Force Worldwide Locator 210-565-2660/DSN 665-2660
Airmen's Attic (Scott AFB) 618-256-3840
Airmen & Family Readiness Center 618-256-8668
American Legion 800-433-3318
American Red Cross Saint Louis Area Chapter 314-516-2800
Arlington National Cemetery 703-607-8000
Army Worldwide Locator (Active duty only) 703-325-3732
Army Lodging Reservation (GO-ARMY-1) 800-462-7691
Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) 800-522-6790
Arts and Crafts Center (Scott AFB) 618-256-4230
Base Exchange (Main Store/Scott AFB) 618-744-9830
Base Honor Guard (Scott AFB) 618-256-4586
Base Information/Locator (Scott AFB) 618-256-2341/256-1110
Billeting Office  (Scott Inn) 618-256-1844
Bowling Center (Stars and Strikes) Scott AFB 618-744-1277
Burial Benefits (VA) 800-827-1000
Casualty Office (Bldg 1650/Scott AFB) 618-256-6508
Casualty Assistance (Air Force Personnel Center) 877-353-6807
Casualty Assistance (U. S. Army) 800-626-3317
Casualty Assistance (U.S. Navy) 800-368-3202
Casualty Assistance (USMC) 800-269-5170
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   800-311-3435
Change of Address (Retired Pay, Newsletters, W2, etc) 800-321-1080
Change of Address (DEERS) 800-538-9552
Child Development Center (Scott AFB) 618-256-2669
Civilian Personnel (Scott AFB) 618-256-3914
Clinic Appointment (Scott AFB) 618-256-9355
Clinic Appointment (St Elizabeth) 618-388-5539
Clothing Sales (Military) 618-256-2131
Commissary (Scott AFB) 618-256-2783
Customer Service (Military Personnel/Scott AFB) 618-256-1845
DEERS Support Office (Seaside, CA) 800-538-9552
Dental Clinic (Scott AFB) 618-256-6667
Desk Sergeant (Security Police/Scott AFB) 618-256-2223
DFAS, Cleveland (Retired and Annuitant Pay) 800-321-1080
Dining Facility (Nightingale Inn) Scott AFB 618-256-6206
Education (GI Bill) 888-442-4551
Education Office (Scott AFB) 618-256-3327
Emergency Room (Scott Hospital) 618-256-7595
Eye Exam Appointment (Scott Hospital) 800-941-4501
Family Practice (St Elizabeth)  618-256-7311
Federal Government Telephone Directory 800-688-9889
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (LTCFEDS)   800-582-3337
Finance Office (Scott AFB) 618-256-1851
Food and Drug Administration 888-463-6332
Garnishment (Retired Pay) 216-522-5301
GI Bill (Education) (VA) 888-442-4551
Golf Course (Cardinal Creek) Scott AFB 618-744-1400
Hale Koa Hotel (Hawaii) 800-367-6027
Health Care Benefits (VA) 877-222-8387
Health Net Federal Services 877-874-2273
Honor Guard (Scott AFB) 618-256-4586
ID Card/Scott AFB   618-256-8897
Illinois Department of Employment (State Jobs) 888-367-4382
Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs 800-437-9824
Immunization Clinic 618-256-7605
Information (Stock quotes, travel, sports, news, short cuts) 800-555-TELL (8355)
Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) (Scott AFB) 618-256-5919
Jefferson Barracks RAO 314-527-8212/DSN 824-8212
Legal Office (Scott AFB) 618-256-3542
Library (Scott AFB) 618-256-5100
Lodging (Scott AFB) 618-256--1844
Mail Order Pharmacy (TRICARE)  Express Scripts 877-363-1303
Mammography Helpline (VA)   888-492-7844
Medical Appointment (Scott AFB) 618-256-9355
Medicare 800-633-4227
Military Clothing Sales (AAFES/Scott AFB) 618-256-2131
Military Pay (Scott AFB) 618-256-1851
Military Personnel Records Center, Saint Louis 314-538-4218
Missouri ANG RAO Office (Lambert Field) 314-527-6327
MyPay at DFAS 800-321-1080
NAF Human Resources Office 618-256-3831
National Military Personnel Record Center (Saint Louis) 314-801-0800
Navy Worldwide Locator 901-874-3388
Navy Lodges (1-800-NAVY INN) 800-628-9466 
Office of Personnel Management (Retirement Information) 888-767-6738
Optometry Clinic (Scott Hospital) 618-256-7354
Outdoor Recreation (Scott AFB) 618-256-2067

Pass and Registration (Scott AFB)


Passenger Service (Military/Scott AFB) 618-256-1854
Pharmacy, Main (Scott Clinic) 618-256-7371
Pharmacy, Mail Order (Express-Scripts) 877-363-1303
Pharmacy, Refill (Scott Clinic) 618-256-7400
Presidential Greetings   202-456-2724
Public Affairs (Scott AFB) 618-256-4206
Red Cross Office (Scott AFB) 618-256-1855
Reporting Death of a Retiree 618-256-6508 
Resort - Hale Koa (Honolulu, Hawaii) 800-367-6027
Resort - Rocky Mountain Blue (Keystone, Colorado) 877-517-3381
Resort - Shades of Green (Orlando, Florida) 888-593-2242
Retiree Activities Office, Satellite  (Jefferson Barracks) 314-527-8212/DSN 824-8212
Retiree Activities Office, Satellite (O'Hare/Chicago) 800-741-4658X76258476-506-7625

Retiree Activities Office (Scott AFB, Bldg 10) Main Office

618-256-5092 /DSN 576-5092

Retiree Activities Office, Satellite (Rantoul) 217-893-1723
Retiree Dental Program 888-838-8737
Retired Pay (DFAS Cleveland) 800-321-1080/216-522-5534
Scott AFB Telephone Operator 618-256-1110
Scott Club 618-744-1333
Scott Inn (Lodging) 618-256-1844
Scott Clinic Information  (Staffed by volunteers) 618-256-7500
Scott VFW Post 4183 618-746-9801
Senior Health Care 800-677-1116
Senior Pharmacy Program 877-363-6377
Space A Travel Signup (Scott AFB Only) 618-256-3017
TMO (Passenger Section/Scott AFB) 618-256-5785
Social Security Administration  800-772-1213
Survivor Benefits (Scott AFB) 618-256-6508
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (Express-Scripts) 877-363-1303
TRICARE North Region 877-874-2273
TRICARE South Region 800-444-5445
TRICARE West Region 888-874-9378
TRICARE for Life Information 866-773-0404
TRICARE Referral (Scott AFB) 618-256-7521
TRICARE Senior Pharmacy 877-363-6337
Troops to Teachers Program 800-743-2357
U.S. Naval Home 800-332-3527
U.S. Soldiers and Airmen's Home 800-422-9988
U.S. Department of Transportation 202-366-4000
VA Clinic (Belleville) 618-398-2100
VA Agent Orange Helpline 800-749-8387
VA Home Loan  800-827-0611
VA Hospital (St Louis) 800-228-5459/314-652-4100
Vehicle Registration (Scott AFB) 618-256-2709

Veterans Administration (VA)


Veterans Affairs (IL VA/Belleville) 618-233-5140
Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) 800-839-1899
Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) 800-419-1473
Veterinary Clinic (Scott AFB) 618-746-2168
Visitor Control Center (Shiloh Gate) Scott AFB 618-256-6663

White House (Switchboard)


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