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Military Retiree Web Site
A Treasure Trove

By AMRA National Director Ed Lawton             

To those of you who are internet savvy, the following web site provides significantly helpful information for any military retiree.  Entitled “Retiree News,” the site is located at http://ftp.apci.net/~retiree/

If you are looking for anything related to military Health Care, Medicare or VA Care; professional contacts in any other veteran service organization (VSO); military publications or a vast array of military web sites, this is the place to visit.  You’ll also find links to countless other U.S. Government sites, travel and hotel reservation sites, a calendar of events and even a “people finder.”

This is a tremendous site that offers a “one stop shopping opportunity” for anyone seeking most any information affecting our daily lives

According to a banner on the home page, this site is a “community service of Chief Master Sergeant Jess Pereda.” 

Among the various features on the site are informative stories about initiatives and projects designed to support or increase public awareness of military retirees.  For those unaware of the following, here is a story that I thought would be of interest to all AMRA members.  The story is entitled “Veterans History Project,” and is described as follows:

“Congress began an effort two years ago to preserve the stories and memories of America's War Veterans and continues today to look for letters, memoirs, audio interviews and photographs.  This project serves to ensure the first hand memories of war experiences, camaraderie, and loyalty live on.  Currently the collection is missing letter and stories from veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan .  Along with collecting and preserving the stories, the goal of this project is to honor the service and educate future generations about what it is like to serve.  Access to the Veterans History Project is available at www.loc.gov/folklife/vets.

If you have time, I strongly recommend this site as one of the best I’ve encountered for a potpourri of military retired information, especially information serving the American Military Retiree community.

Comments from the Retiree News Guestbook


Linda Shipp - Proud wife of Army retiree:      "....GREAT WEBSITE for MILITARY RETIREES!!!"

William Terry, SSG (Army):  "Appears to me if you can't find it here it does not exist."

Roger A. Sanchez GySgt Ret.(Marines):  "Great Retiree Site!"

Jim Bohli, LCDR, USN (ret):  "Can't say it's the best, because I'm still surfing it. However, it is definitely one of the most ambitious rendereings for us at one website. Everything I've seen so far is top notch. Bravo Zulu."

C.Burzenski SFC ) Army):  "Outstanding.....Glad you are here."

Samuel R. Sutton/TSgt (USAF):  "Your site has a lot to offer both the past and current retirees from the Armed Forces. Nice Job."

John D Flaherty (USAF):"Wow!"

Kenneth R Walters/CMSgt (USAF, Ret): "Best military-affiliated web site I've seen. Keep it up!"

Dennis Mann, CPO (E-7) (Coast Guard):  "Thank you for providing the site with all the information I've been looking for.  And thank you for your service to our local veterans."

Kenneth F. Pineau, CMSgt (USAF):  "You should be congratulated for having an excellent site for the military retiree. It is very comprehensive, thanks for this outstanding service."

CDR Bob McWhorter (USN):  "Thanks for maintaining this great site."

Kenneth H. Smith, Lt Col (USAF):  "Lot of work - Fantastic site!! Can find the answers for just about any question asked."

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